About me

My introduction to photography goes back to my mid teens. I had always enjoyed art, so photography was another media to explore. Not only did I enjoy having a camera in my hand, I was fascinated with the concept of capturing moments in time. Few things pleased me more than to peer through the viewfinder of my Olympus OM-2 film camera.
Back then I enjoyed photographing anything and everything that crossed my path and I even dabbled in a little black and white film developing and printing. 
For the past five years I have narrowed my interest to Fine Art photography and my surroundings in North Wales really suit this genre. More recently I have turned my interest to street and architectural photography. I thoroughly enjoy capturing the angles, curves, the light and how it responds to the geometry and shape of the building, especially the most modern designs.




Notable Achievements

Olympus UK Competition Winner May 2016 - Winner of the Olympus UK 'Behind the Scenes' photo competition 
What Digital Camera Magazine - Nov 2016 - Images featured as part of their 'Users review' of the Olympus OM-D E-M1
Olympus UK Magazine - April 2015 - Further images featured on their 'Snapshot' page
Olympus UK Magazine - November 2015 - Front cover and inner spreads featuring the best of my fine art black and white photography. 
Olympus Euro Photo Competition Runner up 22/03/2013  2nd place in the Olympus Europe 2013 'Elements' competition and work featured at the exhibition held in Zingst, Germany
Olympus Euro photo Competition Shortlist 15/02/12 Shortlisted for the Olympus - Europe ‘Contrasts’ competition. An exhibition held in Zingst, Germany 2012.
Work featuring on the official Olympus PEN website 05/05/11Selected by Olympus - Europe to feature images on the official ‘Olympus PEN’ website and other marketing materials such the Olympus ‘indePENdent’ brochure and sketch book 2011 - 2012

Current camera
Olympus OM-D E-M5 MII
Favourite lenses 
Olympus 9-18mm, Olympus 45mm and Olympus 25mm

Using Format